Thursday, April 7, 2011

.: morning motivation:.

it has been long since my last update.. *scrolling to the last update* ouh it has been nearly FOUR MONTHS!! sure it has been soooo long! okey that's not the topic.. many things happened in this four months. will update about it if i feels like..

tomorrow is the due date for submission of my research write-up. i am suppose to be very busy but i spend some times to write this. my cousin, kak zeri has been sharing a video in her wall. i watched that video this morning and ...................

okey lets watch the video first. click here.

i thought of sharing this in my FB *as usual* but i got plenty to say.. FB wont allow me to do that.

first thing when i saw that kids on the ground, i feel sad. okey kita dah biasa tengok those kids yg macam tu in discovery channel etc.. but what makes me sadder is when i know that they are siblings, being abandon and they cant walk due to polio caused by MALNUTRITION!

seriously, they makes me imagine of my nieces and nephews.. and malaysian kids generally. we are having ABUNDANCE of foods! kids, what do u want? just name it.. your parents will buy it for you. from a gerai tepi jalan to kedai mamak to fastfoods and hotels; malaysian kids can have it! can you see the kid in that video? seven years old with weight less than 20pounds? and compared to kids here? it's not difficult to find one obese kid in malaysia. we got plenty. seriously.

secondly; hey you people there! *yeah they cant read this i know* .. why do u make children when you are not even afford to raise them in the first place? not to compare your kids with our kids, but hey! you cant even feed them! it's not a big matter if you cant buy pretty clothes or nice toys,, but foods is essential u know? making children and leave them to death.. what do u  think actually?

last point; truthfully, is there any organisation or individual that helping those kids?or any campaign to raise funds for them? japan was hit by tsunami and people all around the world are donating to them. japan are rich enough, dont u agree? at least they have enough assets for their people and country. but those kids? and their 'friends'? who are there for them? im so sad i cant help them too T__T

all in all, MALAYSIANS, please be grateful for what we have. God has give us too much bless. what else do we want?