Saturday, May 8, 2010 current addiction...~


ade ape dgn tarikh 2??
okey,,that is the date when i first knew about Super Junior, first time listen to their songs (the 1st song i know is Haengbok@Happiness) & first time I fall in love with Donghae (skng suda jatuh chenta beribu2 kali dgn bliau..)

back to that day,,it's a damn bored friday night...seriously i got nothing to do...maklumla,,awal2 sem...then suddenly i hear a cute song which my roomate, Zainor Fariza tgh pasang...yeah,,it's haengbok...disebabkn that song is very cute + im bored,,then mintak la lagu 2 + lagu2 korea yg laen dr my roomate 2..(im not a kpopper before)...

guess what??
that night,,i listen to that song for __ timessss,,i search for d lyrics,,i googled bout em,,i googled their pics,,their other songs,,their info,,& everything related to them....
& starting that night,,officially,,I have become an
EverLasting Friends (ELF)
it is really a miracle that happened in one night...i still thanked my roomate for that....^^



Anonymous said...

Haha..kira hebat gak ar,za..