Saturday, August 21, 2010

~...broadband oh broadband...~

~SMS conversation with my celcom broadband dealer~

he : aslmkm. hari 2 awak ada bgtau modem awak rosak?
me:wasalam..aah my modem rosak..btw,sape ni eh?
he : sy drpd celcom. awk kat mana?sy nak amik modem 2 repair.
me:sy kat umah kat selayang skng ni.,tp next week balik umah sewa kat puncak alam.
he : alamak. sy nak amik hari ni...
me:da nak wat camne..awak dari s.alam ke?ade alternatif len?
he : jauh 2..u suggest.
me:aa idk week xley ke?if i sent kat center kat wangsa walk ley x?
he : mane ley..nnti u kena maki je. em,kalau rajin u pegi tenten la. kt bangsar. macam mane?
me:die bukak x esok?
he : x bukak la..hari ahad.
me:lor bukak opis hour je kira kalau sy g sane ley setel terus?
he : kan ada warranty card. sbb 2 la sy nak amik, sy nak tolg anta kn.
me:tp kan,blkg waranty card 2 ade colum delaer's u x cop pape of purchase pun x x pe ke?
he: sbb 2 la sy nak amik. sy nak anta kn. faham x?
me:aa da 2 meh la u gak yg suh anta kat bangsar..ishk..camni la..isnin ni u free x?
he : sbb if next week lmbt sgt. ok isnin i amik.
me: isnin we just meet kat bangsar la..if u amek kat slyg lg bagus,tp if rasa slyg 2 sgt jauh, then jumpe kat bgsar or any place kat kl je la..
he : kn u kat uitm. i amik kat uitm la. knp mst bangsar. u ni.xpaham la.
me:u la yg x paham.i blaja kat uitm PUNCAK alam..bukan shah skng i kat umah family kat u nak amek kat puncak alam or slyg?
he : ya allah. sbb sy tahu awk kat uitm puncak, sbb 2 la sy nk amik kat sane. sy nak tolg repairkan. tp kan skng awak kat kampung. so x kan la sy nak amik kat sane. sy nak amik hari ni sbb sy nak anta isnin. u patut ucap thanks. sy nak tolong awak k. awk paham x maksud sy?

im seriously really2 pissed off with him bout the "u patut ucap thanks",wth?but,for those who know me,im not the type yg senang just replied;

me: ok both if u nak amek kat puncak,then u ley amek 2moro nyte,isnin or bila2 yg u nak..i da x kisah sbb i da tunggu u for 3 weeks..and this is called customer service..i beli barang u,got probs n u yg kena responsible,k?owh,tanx btw..

sent the message with hati yg menbara!
and he replied;

he : sbb 2 la sy nak amik. sy tolg repair. sementara 2 sy bg pakai modem sy. sy kerja dibawah arahan. bos sy bg arahan mlm td. so sy kena setelkn hari ni. tp u xda. isnin la ye.maafla if menyusahkan. sy kerja ikut arahan.
me: orayt..sape bos u?amer ke?
he : aah.die bos i.

hmm nasib baek mintak maaf...sejuk la sket hati.....

~and here's the almost full story about my broadband~

early july,i went to plaza alam sentral and subscribed for celcom broadband student package..back home,everything was okey till the third day when suddenly my lappie gone auto shutdown while im using that bband..i was shocked and just restart my lappie..couldnt figure what's wrong,i just continue with my work..and suddenly my lappie went shutdown once again..

idk if its caused by my bband bcoz i hv used my friend's before and there's nothing my other housemates are using the same bband and they face no such prob like mine..

few days gone,and suddenly i realised that my avira antivirus was deactivated..well,,i dont do it myself..try to activate back but got some errors...another -__-'...

and the bband,not gone well also..its hard to tell,but just imagine that i hv 2 keep on uninstall-reinstall-uninstall-reinstall......... like FIVE times PER DAY!!well,im kinda tinggi kesabaran eh??

still using it though coz there's no other way to access the internet..the shut down thingy never happened again after that till the third week im using it....where it happens again THREE times...

so i sms-ed the dealer,amer (this is around early august) and tell him bout the probs..he said he will go to my place and take the modem and sent it to the center and settle my probs...well,thats not happened,,till today....(which is about three weeks...)


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