Sunday, August 8, 2010 current boyfies...~

so this is a diary of a playgirl..

so many boys caught on my eyes recently...just wanna share my interests with u...hehe

1)the first and will always be the first

Super Junior Lee Donghae

2)2nd bias;i just realized that he's cute and hot during 4jib promotion...kekeke
Super Junior Lee Sungmin

3)the boy that i only know when im watching Lucifer MV..seriously i only know Minho in SHINee before...hahah XD
SHINee Lee Taemin

4)the chubby2 boy... ♥ his cute face and his powerful voice...=)
SS501 Heo Youngsaeng

5)another cute boy..the maknae of tvxq..been long since i heard the latest news bout him...miss him... T__T
TVXQ Shim Changmin

6)latest pretty boy..starts to like him on their comeback song "all day long" on 8th may 2010..some said his face looks like kim bum..
Ze:A Park Hyeongsik

im still searching for my seventh boyfie...kekeke

so what say you??i pretty much like pretty boys huh?? ;)

will let u know once i got the seventh...


aisyah De Cullen said...

you won't find those faces in malaysia, that's fo sho! hehe..
uiish, no MBLAQ crush? GOOD! Less rival for me..XD